Rafic Bahaa El Din Hariri

         Born 1944 in the city of Sidon. His life was marked with continuous struggle. He lived up to the responsibilities that were entrusted upon him both nationally and politically, and as a businessman started from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where he founded one of the biggest companies (Saudi Oger). He devoted his energies to the service of his country Lebanon which endured long years of war, his resources were put at the disposal of the state after 1982 Israeli invasion, and helped more than thirty thousand Lebanese students pursue their university studies in Lebanon, Europe and America. In order to put an end to the civil war in Lebanon, he partook in organizing the 1984 Lausanne conference and Taif conference of 1989 , the latter put an end to the war.

         He was appointed Prime Minister of Lebanon for three successive governments on 22 November 1992, 21 May 1995 and 24 October 1996. While in government, he launched the biggest construction program in the history of his country. One of its more salient features is the rebuilding of the Beirut Central District that began in 1994. He is known for his international relations and broad diplomatic contacts, especially in the face of Israeli aggression on Lebanon and for encouraging businessmen and foreigners. To invest in Lebanon. He is the holder of many decorations from most kings, princes and heads of Arab and friendly states.