Lebanonís new government headed by Rafic Hariri is announced

(October 26, 2000)                                                                          In Arabic  In French


The fourth government of Prime Minister Rafic Hariri was announced from the Presidential Palace on Thursday following two meetings between President Emile Lahoud and Mr Hariri. The second round of talks was also attended by Speaker Nabih Berri. A spirit of cooperation prevailed during the talks.

 After the meeting, which lasted for one and a half hours, Mr Berri wished the new government luck, while Mr Hariri declined to make any comment at that time.

 The formal announcement of the members of the new cabinet was made by Salim Ladqi, the governmentís director-general. Under decree 4336, creating the government, the following appointments were made:

-         Rafic Hariri, prime minister

-         Issam Fares, deputy prime minister

-         Bahij Tabbara, minister of state

-         Pierre Helou, minister of state

-         Marwan Hamade, minister for the displaced

-         George Efram, minister of industry

-         Mohammed Abdel-Hamid Beydoun, minister of power and water

-         Emir Talal Arslan, minister of state

-         Suleiman Franjieh, minister of public health

-         Asaad Diab, minister of social affairs

-         Beshara Merhej, minister of state

-         Fouad Siniora, minister of finance

-         Abdel-Rahim Mrad, minister of education and higher education

-         Michel Musa, minister of environment

-         Karam Karam, minister of tourism

-         Mohammed Najib Miqati, minister of public works and transport

-         Fouad Saad, minister of state for administrative reform

-         Sebouh Hovnanian, minister of youths and sport

-         Khalil Hrawi, minister of national defense

-         Michel Pharaon, minister of state

-         Ghazi Aridi, minister of information

-         Bassel Fleihan, minister of economy and trade

-         Mahmoud Hammoud, minister of foreign and emigrant affairs

-         Samir Jisr, minister of justice

-         Nazih Habib Beydoun, minister of state

-         Ali Qanso, minister of labor

-         Ghassan Salame, minister of culture

-         Elias Murr, minister of interior and municipal affairs

-         Ali Ajjaj Abdullah, minister of agriculture

-         Jean-Louis Qordahi, minister of telecommunications