• Balanced Development Protects the Environment (By Rafic Hariri)
             The third millennium promises huge technological and scientific breakthroughs, which open to mankind horizons that were, not long ago, considered to belong in the realms of science fiction. However, past successes in exploring the secrets of the universe have coincided with appalling damage to our small blue planet. Its limited resources have been depleted, its waters, air and soil polluted. While seeking a more abundant life, man has destroyed basic elements on which his life depends. Full Article
  • Rafic Hariri donates environmental magazine and books to 500 schools and outlines a comprehensive environmental policy
    (Beirut, 29.12.1999)
             Mr. Rafic Hariri called for an environmental emergency plan-of-action and outlined his vision for a comprehensive environmental policy in Lebanon. In a letter to Environment & Development magazine (Al Biaa Wa Tanmia) published in its January issue to be distributed Thursday, Hariri pledged to place environment on top of his agenda at the outset of the new millenium. Full Article