The intention of this document is to describe the political, economic and social platform of the Future Movement, a national, non-sectarian group that draws a wide base of support throughout Lebanon.

The movement strives to contribute to the construction of a modern, just, and democratic state. It believes that Lebanon is a sovereign, free, and independent country, providing a permanent homeland for all Lebanese citizens. It believes in Lebanonís territorial unity, its people and institutions and the countryís Arab identity and Arab affiliations.

 We believe that Lebanon is a democratic parliamentary republic, based on public freedoms and the freedoms of belief and expression. Lebanon is founded on social justice and the equality of all citizens before the law.

 The movement is deeply committed to democracy, respect for the Constitution, the rule of law and upholding human rights. It is equally committed to the peaceful co-existence of all segments of society   and adheres to moderation as a method of reconciling differing beliefs and ideologies. It denounces all forms of fanaticism, sectarianism, insularity and is against the use of violence to resolve political differences. It believes in the freedoms of working people and the rights to political action. It supports all forms of freedom of opinion and expression, particularly freedom of information and a free media within the limits of the law.

Economic freedom and openness are also at the core of the movement with private ownership and the free-market as its base. All regions have to be treated equally and according to need in any development plan. We believe in the stateís role in promoting social welfare, healthcare, education, and the care of our elderly. The movement believes in protecting the environment by promoting environmentally friendly ways of life among Lebanonís citizens coupled with supporting and enforcing relevant laws.

We believe in the equality of women and the need for them to play an effective role in wider societal and national revival. Women possess potentials and abilities that deserve to be expressed in, among others, the social, political and economic fields. An increased role for women gives all social forces a better chance of operating and interacting successfully in national development plans.

The Future Movement represents youth, the spirit of renewal and the drive for modernization. As such the young are at the heart of all the movementsí policies, especially programs designed to prepare the young for future leadership.

Founded on belief in Lebanonís Arab identity, the movement believes that high-level relations between Lebanon and Syria ‑ based on the mutual respect of the sovereignty and independence of each country ‑ are in the best interest of both countries. These relations are a political fact and are the result of long standing historical, geographical and demographic associations. Honesty, respect and co-operation must characterize them. They must also be protected from short-term political thinking and selfish personal agendas.

The Future Movement believes that Lebanon must be open to co-operation with all Arab and non-Arab nations. Lebanon must establish foreign relations that enhance co-operation and dialogue and promote regional development, progress and prosperity.

We are committed to a just and comprehensive peace in the Middle East recognized by international law. We believe in the legitimate right of the Palestinians to return to their homeland and categorically reject their permanent settlement anywhere else.

         The following pages cover the basic tenets of our beliefs. It outlines the changes we hope to affect in finding the most productive way of aiding progress and development. Our aim is to strengthen democracy in Lebanon and through that strengthen national unity and the countries ability to face the challenges of the present and the future.


The Future Movement

- National Accord
- Co-exixtence
- Annulling Sectarianism in Politics
- Political Reform
- Modernizing and Reforming the Public Administration
- Foreign Policy and Lebanese-Arab Relations
I- Renewng confidence in Lebanonís role within its Arab milieu and in the whole world.
II- Strengthening Lebanonís brotherhood, friendship and cooperative relations with other Arab countries.
III- Emphasizing Lebanonís distinguished relations with Syria.
IV- Developing the role of Lebanonís diplomacy in the countryís economic, social and cultural progress.
V- Addressing Lebanese communities all over the world.
- The Role of Society and the Youth
- The Role of Education
- Democracy and Socio-economic Revival
I- Consolidating democracy, freedoms, the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary, and developing the foundations of justice in the state.
II- Renewing confidence in the Lebanese economy and polishing Lebanonís distinctive economic characteristics.
III- Activating an economically rewarding foreign policy.
IV- Resolving the public financial situation.

Reducing production cost

   1- Privatization
   2- Encouraging productive sectors
VI- Capitalizing on human resources, developing their qualities, encouraging their productivity, and establishing an accountability system according to the level of productivity and the quality of performance.
VII- Enhancing and activating social services and improving their returns.
VIII- Emphasizing the importance of legislative stability.


Stressing the Rule of Law