Since his earliest involvement in public life, former Prime
Minister Rafic Hariri has shown a keen interest in the future. A future that Mr. Hariri believes is personified in hundreds of thousands of young Lebanese men and women. This interest in the youth of Lebanon was translated into deeds in 1979 when he established the Hariri Foundation.

          Mr. Hariri believes that education is the key to change in Lebanon. He wants everyone to join with him in the belief that education can transform Lebanon and the lives of Lebanon's youth. When speaking about the reasons that drove him to offer the young people of Lebanon a key to their future he said. "My incentive for establishing the Hariri Foundation is grounded in the belief that the universities and institutions of higher education in Lebanon admit students with hidden talents and skills. Since young people are the real wealth of this country, I feel the best way to build Lebanon is by giving these young people the best means to realize their hidden talents. What better way to do that than making higher education accessible and within their reach?"

          In addition Mr. Hariri is convinced that there is extraordinary potential in ordinary people if they are given the opportunity to develop. He has offered thousands of young Lebanese men and women this opportunity to develop through higher education. The Hariri Foundation has granted loans to more than 33,000 prospective graduates. Enabling the dream of education to become a reality for students and their families who would otherwise have found it prohibitively expensive.

          Of all he has accomplished, Mr. Hariri considers The Hariri Foundation the single most important achievement of his lifetime.

          The Hariri Foundation has a variety of programs; the most famous of which is the 'University Loan Program'. However, this is not the only important initiative by any means. The Foundation has a 'University Training Program', and oversees a number of schools that the foundation has either established or continues to support nationwide. The Hariri Foundation also participates in a wide range of activities related to the preservation and restoration of Lebanon's cultural heritage, including the restoration of valued treasures like the old souks, as well as historic buildings such as the Khan El-Franj in Sidon.

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