Because former Prime Minister Rafic Hariri is a great believer in the importance of extending education and learning to people, he adopted and supported some schools which suffered a lot during the war and were about to close. In addition, he helped establish other institutions that have become academically distinguished.

Lycée Abdul Kadir-Beirut

         This school, located in Zoukak Al Blat, the heart of Beirut, was founded by the Mission Laique Francaise at the start of the last century. By buying that school, Mr. Hariri saved it from being closed down; and through a special agreement, asked the Hariri Foundation to take over its administration in collaboration with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Mission Laique Francaise. The Hariri Foundation restored some of its buildings and provided the lycee with the most modern laboratory equipment, as well as adding new halls that can take more students. The Lycee Abdul Kadir comprises a group of buildings that exemplify our heritage. Most significant of all is a three-story building that dates back to the early part of the last century and stands as a symbol of real engineering art and of the greatness of the school. At present, it has all the cycles of education: Pre-School through High School. It can accommodate 1,200 students, and it has adopted both systems of education - the Lebanese as well as that of the French. It also pays special attention to English language instruction, which will facilitate the admission of its students to universities whose studies are taught in English.

Hariri High School II (HHS II)

         The Syrian Protestant Mission founded this school in 1860 under the name of The National Evangelical School for Boys and Girls. In 1986, its name was changed to Hariri High School II (HHS II). Its buildings, like those of Lycee A. Kadir, were renovated, new lab equipment and furniture were added, and its athletic facilities were kept well-maintained.

          It is a coeducational school that can take 1,300 students throughout all of its cycles. It adheres to the Lebanese education system and uses English as a language of instruction.

Rafic Hariri High School - Sidon

         Initially, it was called New Sidon School and operated in the Kafar Falous complex in 1982. However, it moved to Sidon in 1985 because of the civil war. The school campus in Kafar Falous stood out as the most modern in Lebanon, and it continued to do so when it was moved to Sidon. Its laboratories, athletic facilities, playgrounds, courts and classrooms are very well equipped with modern equipment. In addition, it has a theater that can take an audience of 500. It serves as a center for many theatrical, musical and cultural activities in the community. RHHS follows the Lebanese curriculum in both the French and English programs, and it can take 2,000 students (male and female).

Baha'Eddin Hariri School

         This was founded in 1996 in Sidon with the pirme aim of extending education to the poor while maintaining a good standard. It presently takes students in pre-school classes, but the Hariri Foundation intends to have students in the other cycles. It offers education free of charge. 

The University Institute Of Technology

         The Hariri Foundation contributed in constructing and donating the buildings needed for this institute and collaborated with the Lebanese University, which is in charge of its administrative and academic operations, and with the Ministry of Higher Education in France, which assumes the responsibility of training the teaching body. The Institute admitted students into the special programs in October 1997-98. To be eligible for admission, a candidate must pass the Lebanese Baccalaureate, Part II and sit for an entrance examination.

         The following fields of specialization will be offered:
- Network and Communications Engineering
- Industrial and Maintenance Engineering.
- Buildings and Network Logistics

The length of time needed for one to attain a university diploma is three years. 

Supporting The Makassed Islamic Association Schools

         Former Prime Minister Hariri takes a great interest in the Makassed Islamic Association schools. In 1977 he contributed by building a modern main hall and donating it to Aisha Um Al-Mu'mineen School. It serves the poor and offers education free of charge. The hall was completed and fully equipped in 1982. Phase 1 of a new educational center in Sharhabil Ben Hasna, related to the Makassed Association, was completed in 1995 and is can accommodate 2,000 students (boys and girls). Mr. Hariri bought the 65,000 square meters of land on which the school is built, donated it to the Makassed Association, and registered it in its name.

Kafar Falous Complex

         This complex was founded in 1979. It contains: (1) a university college called Sidon Institute for University Studies, run under the administration of Saint Joseph University. That Institute was concerned in setting up a college of food technology & nutrition engineering and other higher technical specifications; (2) a high school; (3) a school for training nurses; (4) a big hospital. No sooner had the complex started functioning than the Israeli invasion disrupted all activities there and all the furniture and equipment was either stolen or destroyed.


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