Since the Hariri Foundation is concerned with education, it has supported a number of educational activities and programs. Its main objective is to focus on issues that call for treatment and understanding of them and providing solutions. They include:

Seminar on evaluation of student achievement

         This was organized and held in November of 1993. The Hariri Foundation published a book -Educational Evaluation As a Tool to Guide the Educational Process. That first seminar was followed by a number of other ones on:

  • Evaluation as it relates to the French language, November 1994 
  • Evaluation as it relates to the English language, April 1995
  • Evaluating achievement in mathematics, February 1997 (Focused on the official government examinations as they relate to the prescribed curriculum) 
  • Teaching Fine Arts (included an exhibition of Hariri Foundation students), December 1995

         The Hariri Foundation continues to conceive, design and implement other seminars on sciences, the Arabic language & social sciences.

Honoring outstanding Hariri Foundation students

         In an attempt to improve the academic standards of all universities operating in Lebanon and to encourage students to compete for excellence, the Hariri Foundation holds a yearly ceremony to honor the most outstanding Hariri Foundation students whether they are studying in Lebanon or abroad. These ceremonies are held under the patronage of Mr. amd Mrs. Hariri. The most outstanding students are usually decorated for their performance or given special medals. This activity has become a tradition since 1992. Parents expect to be invited and look with anticipation to see their children congratulated by Mr. Hariri. Such activities, influenced by the spirit of positive competition, have without doubt helped to raise the number of outstanding students from 12.5 to 43 per thousand in 1996.

Sidon Cultural Center

         This center was established in Sidon in 1982. Its major aim was to encourage, promote and sponsor the works of Lebanese literary figures and artists in general, and of southerners in particular. A big hall was set aside for artists to exhibit works or pieces of art that revive Lebanese heritage. Panels and lectures prepared by experts were also provided and encouraged, and were held in Husam Eddine Hariri Hall.

Arab Book Exhibition

         In cooperation with the Arab Cultural Club in Beirut, the Hariri Foundation organized an Arab book exhibition to extend the chance to the Lebanese, particularly southerners, to keep in touch with what is new. For example, in 1996 ninety-nine publishing companies exhibited nearly 36,000 books. The Hariri Foundation honored many writers and poets for the tremendous impact they left on the lives of their readers.

Academic & Cultural Activities

         As the Hariri Foundation values cultural and academic activities in the form of seminars, lectures, exhibitions, etc., it has also assisted other organizations that encourage such activities. Assistance and support are extended to them in the basic belief that such concerns should be shared and extended to many. All new developments should be made available to keep people informed.

Athletic And Social Activities

         The following are just a few of the complexes that the Hariri Foundation is involved in promoting and supporting:

Sidon Athletic Complex

         It was established in 1989 in Al-Kayyaa , Sidon, on an area of 6,500 square meters. Its facilities comprise tennis courts, a ping pong hall, a football field, showers and dressing rooms. This complex takes part in tournaments held yearly for Arab leagues as well as for local and school teams. It organizes and implements the plans for the Independence Round"and that of Husam Eddin Hariri. Most significant is its concern for preparing and training the young generations in sports programs to become healthy adults.

Health Center for the Old City of Sidon

         This center was established in Rijal Al-Arba'een Street in 1986 in collaboration with the Save the Children Agency. At present it is run and operated by the Hariri Foundation itself. It comprises five sections: Family medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy, clinics and pharmacy. It also carries out campaigns for periodic vaccination of children against communicable diseases and awareness campaigns throughout the city of Sidon, the neighboring villages and schools, both public and private. The center has sections for laboratory tests and X-Rays.

The committee that supports public school students 

         In an attempt to strengthen the place the public school holds and the role it plays in educating the children of the families whose income is at subsistence level, MP. Mrs. Bahia Hariri formed this committee. She believes that public education is "the melting pot" where all students are nurtured and raised to be truly integrated Lebanese citizens. This committee supports the public school and its students by providing them with books, office supplies, libraries, laboratory equipment, and, on various occasions, builds classrooms to meet a need as it arises.


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