In conjunction with the above services, the Hariri Foundation publishes research projects and studies in different fields, and makes them available to those concerned as resource materials and references, such as:
  • Lebanon at Present: its Needs for Development (1987) 
  • The Future Is of Your Choice (reference on careers and academic fields of specialization) 
  • Lebanon: Its History and Heritage (published by Hariri Foundation in Paris, 1993) 
  • The Arabs, the Islam in Europe (trans., H.F. Paris, 1993) 
  • Islam and the Moslems in the World (in five parts: the first part was published in Western Europe) 
  • The Generations of the Hariri Foundation (in two volumes that list the names of all Hariri Foundation graduates up to 1993 - 12,000 students)
  • The Educational Evaluation Process (1994) 
  • Proceedings: Seminar on the Teaching of the Arts in Universities and Higher Institutes, Lebanon (1994) 
  • Sidon: The Old City (1996) 
  • Dialogue on Coexistence Among All Denominations and Religions: The Lebanese Model (1996) 
  • Civic Education and the Rights of Citizens (1997) 


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